Sweet Was Yesterday Presents WetYourSelf Showcase(Fabric London)


Saturday, 2 December 2017
The Event

Line Up:
[WetYourSelf featuring Jacob Husley & Peter Pixzel]

Wet Yourself:
Jacob Husley and Peter Pixzel are the directors and resident DJ’s of WetYourSelf! /WetYourSelf! Recordings - the legendary weekly Sunday night party at fabric in London.
In February 2018 they will celebrate their 11th birthday - That’s over 550 consecutive Sunday parties in fabric, Husley & Pixzel have played at, a testimony to their skills as DJ's that speaks for itself!

He comes from a future where everything you believe to be beautiful about the world has been destroyed by forces darker than what you could have ever imagined.

A virtuouso in the underground house and techno Lebanese scene, has emerged as a magnetic force reputed for his colossal sound. Rolbac operates with the methodical precision of the automated devices beneath his fingers; devices he unscrupulously manipulates to behave as he desires. As the gears shift into place his production has taken the direction of an ethereal sound transfused with the four-on-the-floor signature and, of course, a dash of the ancient oriental feel inspired by his roots.

• 10:00pm - 11:00pm: Free Entrance
• After 11:00pm: $20 including 1 drink

Age Policy: 21+



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