Uberhaus x B018 Present Marcus Worgull and The/Das


Saturday, 2 December 2017
The Event

There’s no rest for the ravers.

Nope, Marcus Worgull’s parents didn’t have a record collection full of miraculous funk, soul and jazz records. Believe us, they didn’t. Consequently, six-year-old Marcus didn’t place himself on a soapbox to play those non-existing ones to his relatives during family celebrations. I bet you are glad that we clarified that. Instead, Marcus had to go the really hard way. It were the late 80ies and growing up in cosy Wuppertal near Cologne, Germany that meant lots of learning, digging, searching and no perching at all.

The/Das //
The/Das have chosen an exciting path. In the so far short history under this name Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist allowed themselves the luxury to try out, discard and approach another point. They played with their musical borders and above all repeatedly questioned and fathomed the possibilities of their own cooperation. With great curiosity The/Das plunged into new collaborations and released short formats to test their margins.

With Nesta / Technophile

Doors open at 10 P.M.
15$ All Night Long
There will be a queue, so if you're not keen on that then the earlier the better. For tables, reservations or just to say hello dial 76 363 662 or 03 810 618



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