Don Rocks The Grand Meshmosh Hotel


Thursday, 23 November 2017
The Grand Meshmosh Hotel
The Event

The Grand Meshmosh concerts are BACK!!

Join us this Thursday for a night of live music with Don Lydon.

Hailing from Dublin, Don is one of the most talented Rock & Blues singers in town. He has played venues all over Cyprus, Spain, Lebanon and Ireland, from obscure pubs in small towns to regional music festivals.

What’s different about him? Instead of playing copy/paste covers, Don genuinely expresses himself through a hand-picked collection of songs. This allows crowds to experience a different performance every time as he feels his way through the music and vibes off each particular audience and setting. His unique style, strong voice and vocal range are enhanced by his brand of humour and emotion to stir crowds into feeling at once relaxed and engaged.

His set list blends originals and spontaneous improvisations of blues (his first love), various traditional Irish songs and over 150 classic tunes from Van Morrison to U2, David Bowie to James Brown, The Doors to Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen to Paulo Nutini.

Come rock the Meshmosh with us!



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