Marcel & Rami Khalife at Summer Misk Festival


Friday, 30 June 2017
The Event

Marcel Khalife, world renowned composer and oud master, will be performing live with his musical group accompanied by his son the pianist, Rami Khalife.

The concert will showcase a fusion of oriental, electronic, and classical music composed by both of them. The father-son duo present a high-energy intermingling of the oud and piano, electronic synthesizers and korg keyboards.

Sunset Bar opens at 7.00 pm

Prices: LL50,000 - LL70,000 - LL100,000 and LL150,000 (Seated)
Tickets available at all Virgin Ticketing Box Office branches
INFOLINE: 71 - 21 11 21

This event is sponsored by Banque Libano-Française
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