Assault on Structure . AOS GND 001


Saturday, 20 May 2017
Station Beirut
The Event

Assault on structure is an audiovisual platform based in Beirut, Lebanon. Its cultural and artistic ethos divorces itself from more conventional practices, by virtue of its inherently innovative approach on the medium.

This initiative is an assault on conformism itself, intervening with urban space and sound by disembedding organisms from their original function, thus producing a surreal outcome, a metaphorical demonstration, a form of artistic resistance.

Assault on structure is a hybrid, transdisciplinary platform that manifests around hand-picked locations in Beirut, aiming to perch an ephemeral damage as a symbolic demonstration of Lebanon’s ongoing regime(s) of corruption. The platform integrates live electronic music in order to dominate the sound spectrum of the space being assaulted.

AOS GND 001 will witness its long awaited launch on may 20th at Station Beirut(rooftop)▼

We picked the best electronic producers to share the dancefloor with us on this very special edition of Assault on structure

The Lineup will feature the first appearance of 2 of the following artists


Jad Taleb (Flum project)

▶ STRESS DISTRESS (analog setup)
Fadi Tabbal & Mme Chandelier
performing their debut album.


▶ LAIR (analog setup)



executed by the AOS team, with the contribution & support of Nadim Saoma, co-founder of Beirut Visuals.



20 USD // 1 drink
Doors open at 8 30pm
performance starts at 9:00pm (SHARP)

The party is not over yet!!

The Live music will be followed by powerhouse DJ sets from our favorite dancefloor smashers, throwing the finest Techno beats!

▶ Ziad Nawfal
▶ Tamira Soufic

sounds like // Electro - experimental - acid - Techno.

Press & Support//

L'Orient Le Jour | Beirut Design Week | Revolver | Retrieving Beirut | "Irtijal" | Ruptured and Station Beirut.


●Jad Taleb is a sound designer and music producer born in north, Lebanon and currently based in Beirut, He also works in Video graphics and fine arts.
He is the co-founder of Beirut based electronic rock band Flum project, with whom he released his debut album “Dormant” in 2015. He is also co-founder of Assault On Structure, an audiovisual platform from Beirut. He has been performing music for the last 10 years, he produced his first electronic works in 2011, around which most of his recent research and projects evolved. In December 2016, he recorded and produced his upcoming EP “Transitory” at Riverside Studios Berlin, as part of Beirut Berlin express.
His current and ongoing plan focuses on analog sound processing, Field recording and electro-arabic merging, generated throughout different sequencing methods, applied to genres as various as, Techno, Electronica & Sound art.

●Stress Distress formed by Fadi Tabbal and Mme Chandelier(one quarter of Kinematik) is an electronica duo that releases soundtracks for 80’s cop movies that were never made with instruments they’ve never used before. Their first “official” album ‘Days of Gone 3 : Gone forever’ will be released at this very special edition of Assault on structure.

●Saul Default aka Ziad Moukarzel is a music producer, sound and mastering engineer. As a DJ, he is musically fluid, exploring new possibilities to expand his spectrum. His latest alias, Saul Default, focuses on percussive techno elements with influences from acid, bass music, breaks and electro. He will perform his first Hybrid-live set at AOS 001.

●Lair is an electronic music venture by Mhamad Safa. The project constructs a sonic vision of a dystopian elsewhere. From the perspective of a third person auditory experience of multiple environments, ridden by ruin and disease, a physical, sonorous environment animates the apocalyptic landscape surrounding him. Mhamad’s work focuses on our sensorial relationship to space and sound, the phenomenological experience of space, and the psychological comprehension of a resonant environment. His sound is a merge between techno, electro-acoustic and sound art.

●Ziad Nawfal is a Beirut-based DJ, radio host, music promoter and producer, and the founder of ground-breaking independent label Ruptured. He has spent the better part of the last 20 years exposing Lebanon and the world to the special local and regional independent music talent, on his long-running radio shows ‘Ruptures’ and ‘Decalages’ on Radio-Lebanon 96.2FM.

●Tamira Soufic as in Maria Kassab has been active in the music scene of Beirut as a designer and visual artist for 10 years, she collaborated with several local and international artists, such as Dhafer Youssef, Toufic Farroukh, Container, Rabih Beani, Flum Project and many more. She is also the co-founder of Assault on structure, an audiovisual Platform based in Beirut.
Maria’s works are deeply rooted in and inspired by the political climate of Lebanon and her youth in Montreal. Her layered aesthetic recall these experiences as these literal superimpositions reconcile her personal history and the Western attitudes realized during her time abroad. Her collages recall the Dadaist Hannah Hoch, whom she cites as an influence, she constructs a contemporaneous identity affected by the illogical and surreal, offering a new vision of a more malleable humanity via the use of social icons and imagery. Her manipulated old photographs create a visual language that decontextualises reality, as a form of resistance to the current political and cultural world rather than in relation to what they represent.
Kassab's works have been exhibited in Beirut, Paris, New York, and Berlin, sursock museum, eyemazing magazine, gallerie Janine Rubeiz and many more.
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