Modern Bodies


Thursday, 15 March 2018
Lebanese American University - LAU
The Event

Working from a position of multiple modernities, multiple imperialisms, and in recognition of the diversity of regional experiences of postcoloniality, this one day conference examines the role of the dressed, and undressed, body in the formation, staging, and interrogation of the modern Middle East. Ranging from the role of the displayed elite body in campaigns for gender and social emancipation in Ottoman imperial cultures through to accounts of dress in the lives of early nationalist women and men, papers also investigate the use of legal frameworks by those who seek to control or resist the movement of women’s and men’s bodies. Combining approaches from cultural, social, and economic history with the history of art,

Exhibition Opening & Talk | Knots'n Dust by Francis Alÿs


Wednesday, 31 January till Monday, 9 April 2018
Beirut Art Center
The Event

This first solo show of Francis Alÿs in Lebanon (and in the region), Knots’n Dust gathers the artist’s early and recent works that explore themes of turbulence: the motions at the core and their outspread effects, ranging from the miniscule to the monumental. The show goes back and forth between the smallest element of unrest and instability to the most exaggerated form of disorder that this small unit can engender; from instability to total chaos, from meteorological phenomena to geopolitical manifestations, from a simple knot in the hair to an ascending spiral.

Third Eye / Merkaba Activation


Wednesday, 21 February 2018
House of WellBeing LB
The Event

The third eye is a spiritual concept that refers to a person being able to achieve perception beyond ordinary sight.
Also known as the ‘inner eye', it is the gateway to inner realms and states of higher consciousness, beyond the physical world.
The third eye refers to the brow chakra, located around the middle of the forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. It is connected to the pineal gland, which mainly maintains light sensitivity.
Through third eye meditation, the third eye is activated, and gives access to higher realms.

Full Super Blue Blood Moon - Total Lunar Eclipse


Wednesday, 31 January 2018
The House of Healing
The Event

“Super Full Blue Blood moon – Total Lunar Eclipse”
The name might look some kind of complicated to you, well,,, it should be. In a rare occurrence, this full moon is significantly special. Such a full moon that happened in this manner happened about 152 years back, and now occurring again in January 2018.

Mashrou Leila Live at HNGR


Wednesday, 13 february 2018
The Event

Mashrou Leila are hanging by your side on Tuesday, February 13!
It's the final gig of their 4th album: Ibn El Leil.
All that expected emotional energy will be released on the dance floor!


Jounie - Chekka Ride


Sunday, 28 January 2018
Jounie - El Nourieh Monastery
The Event

You Can Ride Farther Than You Think!

Let's get together next Sunday for a fun ride along the coastal road from Jounie to Chekka.
We'll have the "Last Mile Challenge" from Chekka tunnel to Al Nourieh Monsatry for those who desire.

Talk | Slide Night with BAR


Thursday, 8 February 2018
Sursock Museum
The Event

Slide Night with BAR
With Babak Kazemi and Pargol Einaloo, Elena Gileva, and Beatriz Morales
In collaboration with Beirut Art Residency (BAR)
Thursday 8 February, 19:00 to 20:30
Auditorium, Level -2
In English
Free admission

Nakadia at HNGR


Friday, 26 January 2018
The Event

The legendary & the globally successful female electronic music artist, NAKADIA is breaking her fearless energy into pieces of explosive vibes at HNGR.

That's What She Said


Saturday, 20 January 2018
NOW Beirut
The Event

On Saturday Jan 20th, NOW.Beirut will be featuring again one of the newest bands in town, That's What She Said.

These guys are covering the greatest names in Funk, Rock and Soul. It’s going to be an intense night full of powerful energy, humour, and a lot of sexual innuendos!

Monica & the Band


Friday, 19 January 2018
NOW Beirut
The Event

After her performance this past December at NOW we couldn't but re-host her this month too! Amazing talent Great voice and Awesome Energy!
Monica and the band will perform acoustic, commercial, reggae songs in their own way.

The Monday Blues Band (Blues)


Thursday, 11 January 2018
Blue Note Café
The Event

The Monday Blues Band is composed of both professionals and amateurs musicians.The band has been performing for 23 years.

Their repertoire is rich with blues standard songs composed and recorded by B.B. King, Elmore James, Albert Collins, Eric Clapton and many other blues legends. They will also delight you by playing their own compositions.

3 X Mohamed Soueid - Screenings and talk


Thursday, 4 till Sunday, 7 January 2018
Dawawine Beirut
The Event

Thursday 4th of January 2018
TANGO OF YEARNING / تانجو الأمل by Mohamed Souei
Lebanon, 1998, 68 mins, Arabic with English Subtitles
Introduction by Ghada Sayegh, assistant professor in Film Studies at IESAV - USJ

ندى أبو فرحات :"مغامرات فيكتوريا العجيبة


Sunday,4 till Tuesday,6 February 2018
Metro Al Madina, Hamra
The Event

ندى أبو فرحات
"مغامرات فيكتوريا العجيبة"

تأليف واخراج جيرار أفيديسيان

من فيكتوريا العجيبة ؟ انها أول متحولة جنسيا عُرفت في لبنان في السبعينيات، وقد ربتها والدتها كفتاة لأنها ندرتها لسانت ريتا، شفيعة الأمور المستحيلة. ولكن حياتها كانت سلسلة مغامرات وحوادث غريبة وعجيبة، تسردها المسرحية بتفاصيلها المثيرة.
لقد التقى بها كاتب ومخرج المسرحية في سجن رومية للرجال سنة 1974 حيث سردت عليه قصتها. وفي سنة 1977 خرجت من السجن بسبب القصف الشديد واختفت دون ترك أي أثر.
يُقال انها قنّصت في ساحة البرج، كما يُقال انها هربت الى قبرص، والبعض يظن بانّها ما زالت على قيد الحياة.
أين أنتِ يا فيكتوريا ؟

Falougha - Jabal el Kneiseh Snowshoeing VT


Sunday, 28 January 2018
Falougha, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
The Event

Discover a new snowshoeing trail from Falougha to Jabal el Kneiseh.
At more than 1650 meters altitude, you’ll have wonderful views of the whole region.

The trail first passes by Falougha Cedar Forest where the first Lebanese flag was raised continuing to Lamartine Rock where the famous French poet, Lamartine, used to sit and get inspired.

Wine Tour VT


Saturday, 27 January 2018
The Event

This wine tour is different from the rest. We will visit wineries mainly the North: Trappiste, Chateaux Musar, Adyar and lunch will be in Chobtine.

Our first stop will be at the ‘Trappiste Priests Winery’. We will have breakfast there, then we’ll visit their winery and taste their exquisite homemade wines. Trappiste is a small winery, producing small quantities of high quality wine.

Raachine Hike VT


Sunday, 21 January 2018
The Event

It is the right time of the year hike in Ftouh Keserwan region. It is a beautiful walk, at only 35 kilometers from Beirut. From there, we will have a magnificent view of the whole region and enjoy the mesmerizing Lebanese landscape.

The hike will be divided into two levels