Advanced Thetahealing® Course - Lebanon - With Hiam Nassif


Saturday, 22 till Monday, 24 July 2017
The House of Healing
The Event



This class completes the foundational levels of ThetaHealing® and is the second of the two pre-requisites required to take other ThetaHealing® classes. Advanced ThetaHealing® is filled with hundreds of downloads that enlighten and heal. People come away from this class with a deeper understanding of ThetaHealing® including the planes of existence, more clarity in their intuition and connection with the source of energy and highly developed skills at doing deep belief work and healing.

Chouf Yoga Festival


Sunday, 23 July 2017
Beit El Qamar
The Event

There’s nothing quite like a good yoga festival to reignite your passion for your practice. The sense of belonging that you feel with others around you brings the uniting practice of yoga to the forefront.

We all care about this practice, and it has changed all of us in ways we could never imagine. Being present at a yoga festival allows us to celebrate that fact with other like-minded people, while celebrating the wonderfulness of the practice itself.

Hikers! It's Buck Moon


Saturday, 8 July 2017
The Event

Hikers! It’s full Buck Moon.

At this time of the year, male deer start growing their beautiful antlers preparing for breeding. After many fights with other fellows, the one with the strongest bucks wins the lady deer!

On Saturday July 8th, Moon Monkey will be wandering under Qehmez’ silver sky. But monkeys got no bucks! It’s their shadows reflected by the moonlight that does all the charm.

Jabal Moussa Hiking - Sunday, 9 July 2017


Sunday, 9 June 2017
Jabal Moussa
The Event

Jabal Moussa is an outstanding Biosphere Reserve located in Keserwan-Jbeil area, Lebanon.
It covers an area of 6500 hectar at an altitude ranging between 350m and 1700m ; and extends 500m beyond the rivers of Nahr Ibrahim to the north and Nahr el Dahab to the south.
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Saturday, 1 July 2017
SIX Beirut
The Event

Dear PartyPeople,

Its only 1 night, 1 Club, and 2 rooms.
-Location: SIX by Pre
-Time: 9:30 PM
-Price: 40$ (Open Bar)



Wednesday, 12 July 2017
RAW Beirut
The Event

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LEBANON, Midi Culture the re-mixer of the top hit song #EROINA"Sub Pielea Mea" will be playing throughout the night in addition to some of Radio One Djs at RAW Dbayeh on Wednesday 12th of July.

Exhibition Opening | Allan Sekula: Photography At Work


Wednesday, 28 June till Friday, 29 September 2017
Beirut Art Center
The Event

Opening 28 June 2017, 6 to 9pm.
This exhibition runs until 29 September 2017

"Photography At Work" shows the work of the late American artist Allan Sekula, an influential photographer, writer, filmmaker, theorist and critic who died in 2013. Sekula's works have been a unique reference in debates and conversations about photography, art and politics for over 40 years

MC+ Beach Day @ Tyre / Sun June 18


Sunday, 18 June 2017
Cloud 59
The Event

We are heading Sunday June 18th to a spectacular beach at Tyre - in an outstanding location Cloud 59 beach. The sand is beautiful the sea is warm and clean and we will have beautiful seating

Relaxation + Swimming In The Palm Island


Sunday, 25 June 2017
Palm Islands- El Mina Lebanon
The Event

Most of the lebanese people during there summer vacations, decide to travel mostly to Greek Islands, islands in the carribean sea, baltic sea and the adriatic sea...

But what they don't know is that we have magnificent and beautiful islands located in the north of lebanon near tripoli .
The palm islands park is a unique and integrated natural marine basin in the eastern Mediterranean that was declared as reserve in 1993. The park covers an area of around 5 km2.
This marine park lays 11 kms northwest off shores of el mina tripoli .
These flat rocky islands include the palm island, sanani island, and ramkine island.

Rafting In The Assi River+lunch


Sunday, 18 June 2017
Hermel Assi River
The Event

Prepare yourself for an amazing and an adventurous day in the assi river with vinca libanotica.

In the morning, we will have our breakfast in shtoura and then we will head toward the assi river, after visiting mar maroun cave, the source of assi river "nabaa zarka" and haram Eil meaning the pyramid of King Eil. The hemel pyramid is 27 meters high and built in 175 bc.

Touristic Tour & Boat trip Batroun


Sunday, 18 June 2017
Routes Batroun
The Event

Join us on sunday 18 of june for a touristic tour in Batroun city ,
The tour will start from colonel beer moving by bus to Nourieh church and Mselha fort then a walking tour in the old souk of Batroun & ending it by a Boat trip to experience the Batrounian view from the seaside.

Souk el Akel, Chekka: The Beach Party!


Thursday, 29 June till Sunday,2 July 2017
The Event

And our tour continues around Lebanon... The view of the sunset alone is enough to make you want to come... Grab a bite from any of our endless choice freshly prepared by Souk el Akel's unique food vendors, and a drink of your choice from the large bar set up by the sea and sit and gaze into the sunset like there's no tomorrow

Masterclass: Screenwriting for Film & TV


Monday, 3 till Monday 10 July 2017
The Event

With a goal to link talented screenwriters with industry professionals, the first edition of the FADE IN: SCREENWRITING MASTERCLASS combines the art and the business of making film & Television in Lebanon. There are two sections in the MasterClass: Feature Film & Television. Film will be held in July and Television in August, each for 8 intensive evening sessions. MasterClass Writers will be expected to attend all sessions. In these sessions, writers will be coached to bring their ideas to “pitch” level. They will write sample screenplay pages and create a marketable pitch deck for their projects. Each writer will pitch their ideas to our partner Producer / Distributor Mohamed Fathallah and will be considered to be bought, optioned or hired on existing projects.

The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017


Thursday, 17 August 2017
Fouad Chehab- Jounieh
The Event

Save the date for the 2nd Edition of The Cocktail Festival, taking place this year in Jounieh, Lebanon's renowned capital of tourism and nightlife.

After a successful 1st edition in Brummana in Summer 2016, with more than 45,000 visitors in 4 nights, The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 will celebrate the great and the good of Lebanon’s cocktail scene, with all the top bars and brands and all your favorite bartenders and mixologists.

Miziara 4x4 Event 2017


Saturday, 10 June 2017
Miziâra, Liban-Nord, Lebanon
The Event

It is the time again to launch our yearly 4x4 competition. Our competition this year will be divided on two consecutive days, unlike previous years.

•Day 1: Saturday, June 10,2017
Speed test for 4x4 vehicle will start at 4:00 pm sharp.
You are all encouraged as well to join us after the speed competition for an unforgettable night where we would be camping next to the competition's site.