A Yoga Journey with Darby & Joane (all levels)


Saturday, 9 till Sunday, 10 April 2016
Sarvam Yoga Beirut, Gemmayze, first right after Urbanista Cafe
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A Yoga Journey suitable for all levels of yoga practionners, beginners to advanced !

About the teachers:

Darby & Joanne have been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 25 years. They began their practice with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the master, founder and father of Ashtanga Yoga, in 1979 when they spent four years in Mysore, India.
They are part of the few teachers worldwide who have attained the highest level of Ashtanga Yoga teaching accreditation and are directly certified by Pattabhi Jois to teach the original Ashtanga method.
Darby's teaching is dynamic and direct while giving students the essence of the energy of this yoga. His wisdom and warmth attract a vibrant community of students who are drawn to his humor, his attentive nature and his steadfast commitment to improving each student's physical alignment.

Darby gives workshops all over Europe, Canada and the United States, and spends few months a year with his master in Mysore. He recently released his video, The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.
Joanne is a source of inspiration to many yoga students around the world. For her, yoga goes beyond the asana is a way of life. After so many years of practice, she truly believes in the power, benefits and the transformative effect of the Ashtanga yoga method.

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About Ashtanga Yoga:
Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. The original method is called “Mysore style”.
The postures are introduced gradually depending on the ability of the student. With regular practice, strength, stamina, stability and flexibility are gradually developed, as is mastery of the postures.
Breath and movement kindles an internal heat and are the key components of this practice. The primary series has been brilliantly structured to realign and detoxify the body. The intermediate series has a great impact on the nervous system. Only the very serious and determine students can master the advance series and achieve a deeper understanding of this amazing practice.
Any level of practice will bring its benefits and a sense of well-being.
In this internet-speed era, man has become a victim of continuous stress and strain, which have created many health disorders like hypertension, anxiety, depression etc. Modern life has become hectic, more than it ever was and man has embarked on a search to find lasting solutions to ease his life from disease. Yoga is considered as the best software to run your body-mind machine.
Visit the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Institute official website to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga

Who’s this workshop for?

Literally everyone! Only requirement is an interest in yoga.
Darby and Joanne have so much to share. They have a lot to teach you from what they have learned directly from Pattabhi Jois, from their experience of practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for 25 years, from their yogic paths, from their personal journey, and much more.

This workshop is targeted for those who have interest in yoga in general and definitely in Ashtanga in particular:
- If you are a beginner to yoga or simply inspired to start on the path of yoga, this workshop will be a great inspiration for you, and a hint of what a lifetime of practice can bring to your life.
- If you are an intermediate or advanced practitioner, you will learn so much on how to enhance and advance your physical practice.
- If you are a teacher, this is a great opportunity for you to learn so much from deeply experienced teacher ( special price for teachers).
If you are an ASHTANGI, this is a must.

The Schedule (subject to minor changes):

- Saturday 9th of April:

8.30 to 9 am: Meet and Greet!

9 to 12.30 pm (15 min tea break):
Fundamentals of foundation: The very essence of all Asanas.
- Breaking Down Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)
- Breaking Down Standing postures
- Building a solid foundation from which to progress and get the most out of your practice.

12.30 to 2 pm: Lunch Break
(Tip: Keep it light for an energetic afternoon)

2.30 to 5 pm (15 min tea break): Breath, Bandha and core strength.
Discover your bandhas and your core with simple postures and specific exercises. Synchronize your breath with movement and learn the importance of the Vinyasa system:
- Learn how to breathe, and the importance of your breath for a better practice
- The Bandhas: the relying secret to your inner strength
- Get a stronger core to support your practice
- Jumping Back and Jumping Through: the secrets behind this technique

5 to 6.30 pm: Led Class- Half Primary Series
Half primary series led by the teachers. Apply what you have learned !
(Tip: Sleep well tonight; you will need your energy tomorrow!)

Sunday 10th of April:

8. 30 to 10.30 am: Led Class - Full Primary Series
Full Primary series led by the teachers. Feel the strength of a full Ashtanga practice !

10.45 to 12.30 pm:
- Technical Class on certain postures of the primary series
- Answering to questions about postures from the primary series

12.30 to 2 pm: Lunch Break
(Tip: Keep it light for an energetic afternoon)

2.30 to 4 pm: Back bending
Everything you need to know about back bending:
- Working with a sore back or a back injury: never avoiding backbends
- key alignment points that help us practice these poses with ease and safety, and help us get to deep back bends
- Build confidence in back bending with a focus on how to protect vulnerable areas such as the lower back, shoulders and neck.

4 to 4.15 pm: Tea Break

4.15 to 6 pm: Headstands & Inversions
Everything you need to know about headstands and building strong foundations for stronger Inversions, such as forearms stand, handstand, etc.

6 to 7 pm: Heart Warming Goodbye and Certificates of attendance signed by the teachers! Photos and lots of love!


Price for the full 2 days yoga journey:
-Early Bird Price (before March 15) :
For students: 230 USD
Special price for yoga teachers: 210 USD
-After March 15: 250 USD

For bookings, more info, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 03-013013 or msg us on our page.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.