Audio Kultur x Smirnoff Sound Collective present Recognize


Thursday, 24 March 2016
The Gärten Biel, Downtown
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Because in this day and age we shouldn’t even have to tell you, but we do.
A night of music from some of Beirut’s heaviest hitters and a few guests to keep the party going till dawn.

The Players in order of appearance:

You might have heard Ladybug's music as she is a resident DJ at CUNXT SAT and Factory Fridays. It all started back in 2009 at her friends house parties, where she was always asked to provide the sounds for the night. Since then, she’s been playing tunes in many venues and club nights across the city and overseas. In the last year, she has played opening sets for some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene: Dave Seaman, Smash TV, Amine Edge & Dance and M.A.N.D.Y to name only a few.

Blu Fiefer ft. Liliane Chlela & Jana Saleh:

Blu Fiefer (previously known as Poly), is a 23 year old Mexican Lebanese singer-songwriter, and producer who approaches her music as a multi-faceted platform.

Liliane Chlela is a composer and a live musician who fabricates a distinctive
sound assembled from various hardware techniques and composition tools, unleashing a stream of layers that emanates from a set of instruments and gears.

Jana Saleh is involved in various multimedia projects: producing the concert Series for the 10th anniversary of Sharjah Biennale in 2011, performing as part of Ashkal Alwan's homework, composing music for plays in the like of Who Killed Marylinn , Znoud El Sett, Zahwa’s Wedding, The Flower Lover as well as being an active member of Beirut's DJ scene.

Together they’re going to deliver an indie/hip hop performance featuring original songs from previous and upcoming record that will absolutely blow your mind.

Cottony Candy co-founder, serious beat dropper and one of the most well respected DJs in the country. DJette has been doing this thing before you even knew it was a thing.

Both indisputably talented and female, her signature take on deep, groove-centric house music has been making ripples across the Middle East since 2005. Over the years she’s lent her tunes to notorious party crews like Cotton Candy and überhaus, as well as moved dance floors in Dubai, Jordan and Nigeria.

Dana Ruh:
In the early years her sound was rooted in techno and landed most often on the label Brouqade Records, which she set together with her friend Ann in 2007 and joined by (Anthea also joined the imprint collective in 2012). Producing a deeper, more smoky house and techno sound, Dana has released on Ostgut Ton alongside André Galuzzi and has become one of the family members at Jus Ed’s lauded New Jersey label Underground Quality, where she released her stunning debut album 'Naturally'.

For 10 years Mira influenced the east-german techno scene before establishing her musical home in Berlin's legendary Bar25, Kater Holzig and now Katerblau. From her time in Berlin she has shaped her own unique sound reminiscent of endless nights full of wonder and intensity.

Notice a trend here?

Thursday 24 March
Doors open at 9pm

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