Real Men Cook: Live Cooking with Fumé AKA: Rodolphe Zaarour


Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Cargo - Bar & Restaurant
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Live Cooking with Fumé (AKA: Rodolphe Zaarour)

Who is Fumé?
Fumé is a foodie, eager to share his passion for cooking, as well as the time he invested discovering the wonders of the kitchen, with you.
Smoking aims to perfume beef, chicken, duck, pork or fish… with the smoke of fruity woods; the heat from that smoke would eventually cook the meat. Moreover, smoking is a personalized process that anyone can carry on according to his own taste. Based on that, Fumé tried the best recipes selected from many references, and ended up having his own, after adding the Fumé twist.

CARGO and Fumé are expecting as many of you folks as possible, to experience another cooking journey.
Our first journey would be a fusion between Italian freshly made pasta, cooked with award winning pastrami, smoked ham and smoked beer canned chicken.

On the Menu:
Pasta with tomato sauce and basil.
Pasta with smoked chicken and béchamel sauce.
Pasta with pastrami with egg sauce.
Pasta with pork ham and pesto sauce.

Bon Appétit!
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