Emotional Beirut- How to Explore the City through Emotions


Saturday, 23 January 2016
AltCity Hamra Main Street, Montreal Building, Floor M, Hamra
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Emotional-Beirut is the first from a series of workshops that tackle architecture and urban matters in a new and unconventional way with the aim to open people’s eyes into a new way to understand and change a city’s urban settings.

Workshop Description
This workshop allows participants to discover Beirut through their emotions after being acquainted with basic knowledge on cognitive mapping and psycho geography.
Participants will wander in Beirut Neighborhoods searching for expressions of emotions, feelings, landmarks etc.. and will discuss it and analyze it through unconventional/creative ways such as drawings/ sketches, photos or audio-visuals.

Learning outcomes
By the end this workshop, participants will be able to:
· Apply psycho geography and mind mapping techniques
· Understand and define the concepts of cognitive mapping and its applications
· Have a new perspective of familiar urban spaces
· Interact with and understand other participants’ vision of the city

Date: January 23, 2016 ( from 10 am to 5 pm )

Location: AltCity - Hamra

Fees: USD 50

Kindly: Reserve on 03/618317

Payment and registration: the fees should be settled at AltCity to guarantee participation. Deadline for registration January 13.
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