Heart & Shoulders Opening Workshop


Sunday, 27 December 2015
Beirut Sivananda Yoga
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Because of our lifestyle, stress, most of us experience pain or tension in the neck, shoudlers and chest.

But our lifestyle and absence of awareness also can close our hearts, pushing us to keep negative feelings for ourselves and negative thinking towards others.

When we are different in forms and shapes, deep down we are all seeking peace.

But to find peace in ourselves, we need to cultivate it with practice, love, and patience.

Practice and patience are the keys.

This two hours class is designed to relief the tensions in these parts of the body ( neck, shoulders and chest) and open the heart.

We will do breathing exercices, warms up, and a sequence of heart opening

Class fees : 25 $, Early bird (registration at the center before 18th December is 20 $

Peace & Light
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