DRASTIC MEASURES - By Metal-Bell Magazine


Saturday, 12 December 2015
Quadrangle Hazmieh
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Only during times of oppression will the weak and frightened discover their strength and courage. That discovery is only made in gatherings; and a revolution against the oppression only happens when those gatherings become loud and honest. Meet us at The Quadrangle (Hazmiyeh) on 12/12/2015 for a very honest and a very loud gathering to contribute to the efforts towards a better nation and a better world.
Drastic times call for DRASTIC MEASURES


- Eden
- Phenomy
- Qantara

Opening Band: Napview

Location: The Quadrangle - Hazmieh...
Ticket: 15,000 L.L. + One Beer.

Poster Designed by: Aly Akl

Event Organized by Metal Bell Magazine in collaboration with the participating bands
Event On-Floor Coordinator: Hussein Shehady
Event On-line coordinator: Metal-Bell Anchor
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