Decadeath: Zombie APOPcalypse.


Saturday, 31 October 2015
Biel Pavillon Royal
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Mix FM's Decadeath needs no introduction. It's the biggest Halloween event to take place in Lebanon every year.

This year, it seems that zombies are fed up of attacking America and the rest of the world. Not fun enough.

They've heard of a small country in the Middle East. A few millions of inhabitants only but they're apparently people with big brains, juicy flesh and most importantly, they know how to party.

And zombies are famous for two things. Their taste for delicious food and a good party. Lebanon is their perfect vacation spot.

But this won't be another Zombie adventure.

We promise you something even crazier than anything you have seen before. Huge production set designs and a mix of goofy and gore, which is Decadeath's trademark.

The music will be served by Rodge and zombies will love it so much that they will leave their plates on the tables and party with us till the early hours of dawn.

For tables reservations: Call 70999104.
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