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Revisiting the development of the psychosomatic approach in medical psychology and psychotherapy from the times of Avicenna and Averroes for a better coordination between Mashreq and Maghreb at the WCP.

Consolidate the common projects between the different medical fields and the major psychotherapeutic schools.

Strengthening the coordination system between the psychotherapeutic interventions and the pharmacological intervention in an operational way that better answers the patients’ needs:

- Rigor in the scientific observation and the diagnosis process

- Rigor in the construction of the patients’ psychological files in psychotherapy

- Rigor in follow up of the patients

- Methods and techniques of coordination between the psychotherapist and the physician.

- Documenting the clinical data in a way that allows them to be subject of scientific research.


To organize and reorganize the institutions that frame and govern the individuals:

To analyze the resistance toward change faced in the institutions.

To contribute to the creation of a welcoming environment in the institutes.

To create for institutions healthy and functional organograms.

Work on spreading psychotherapy as a common practice in developing countries.

Extend the scope of family therapy, systemic and institutional psychotherapy for the sake of institutions and mass.

Integrating psychotherapy in intervention plans in the public health and primary health care of the World Health Organization, the UN agencies, the EU and other international NGOs, governments and "stakeholders". Developing coordination between the WCP and NGOs on research projects as well as on strategic intervention plans.

Engaging the World Council in its various regional branches in the process of development and implementation of crisis response intervention programs that aim to support the victims of wars and natural disasters.

Consider pain and psychological suffering as part of the socio-economic suffering on the regional and international level.

Adapting psychotherapy to the rhythms of neuroscience research and moving towards integrative and multidimensional therapy.

Consider the areas of psychology as applied and adapted to the daily needs which requires the adoption of a scientific language for psychotherapy to become individual and institutional both sciences.

Speakers from the Scientific Committee

Prof. Antoine BOUSTANY, M.D, Phd – Lebanon

Prof. Mony ELKAIM, M.D, Phd - IEFSH Belgium

Prof. Dr. Ahmad BEYDOUN, M.D, Phd - AUB

Prof. Dr. Charles BADDOURA, M.D, Phd - HPC-Lebanon

Dr. Marc JABER, M.D, Phd – Associated Professor – France

Prof. Dr. Kamal RADDAOUI, M.D, Phd – Morocco

Dr. Adel AKL, M.D - USJ

Dr. Abbas MAKKE – Lebanon


Prof. Alfred PRITZ - President of the WCP - Vienna

Prof. Dr. Daniel WIDLOCHER, M.D, Phd – France

Prof. Mareik Wolf FEDIDA - France

Dr. Mohammed KOUBAISSI, M.D - George Washington Hospital - US

Prof. Dr. Kyriaki POLYCHRONI – EFTA – Greece

Dr. Rabih CHAMMAI, M.D – MOPH (Lebanese Ministry Of Public Health) - Lebanon


Dr. Joseph MAARRAWI, M.D - Hotel Dieu-Lebanon

Dr. Ghassan ABOU SITTA, M.D – AUB

Dr. Roland KADDOUM, M.D – AUB

Dr. Reymond FREM – Dental medicine – Lebanon

Dr. Ramsay S. KURBAN M.D – AUB

Dr. Hussain ISMA’EEl, M.D, Phd - AUB

Dr. Faysal ELKAK, M.D - AUB

Dr. Sleiman JARI, M.D - Lebanon

Dr. Yammane MAKKE, M.D – George Washington Hospital - US Lebanon

Yousra ELHAJJ- Coordinator of the TBAYEEN-IEFSH Program - Belgium

Dr. Talal ATRISSI – UL Lebanon

Prof. Dr. Ahlam SHAHED ALI - Iraq

Dr. Atika JARI - Morocco

Dr. Fahad ELRACHIDI - Kuwait

Dr. Nazek TURKY - Kuwait

Dr. Saad DIHANY - Kuwait

Dr. Jamal DOUSARY – Kuwait



For any question related to the scientific content, kindly contact:

Mr. Rony N. ABOU DAHER , Scientific Activities Coordinator , Mob nbre: 00961 3 149418

For all logistical matters kindly contact, Infomed:

Mrs. Marie Nasr Maalouf: Project Manager , Mob nbre: 00961 3 513366

Mrs. Rouba Khallouf: Project Coordinator , Mob nbre: 00961 3 287813
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