Indian night with Chef Hala


Thursday, 22 February 2018
Alessandra Di Sicilia
The Event

Indian night with Chef Hala

1) Appetizer: Khumb shabnam (white mushroom in yogurt sauce)
2) Main: Khatte aloo (sour potato)
3) Dal
4) Pain rice
5) Surprise dessert

If you will like to eat, set menu for 25.000 surprise open buffet including cake & dessert drink.

Special Infusions ~*~

This is an open event however, food Reservation is a Must, Deadline by Wednesday night.

A special Punch will be served for 8 000 L.L.

Don't miss a night of Indian music, food, punch & screening.

Live painting by Ahmad Sayyed

Entrance: Musician fees 10.000 including free welcome shots.



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