Whiskey X Tailoring – A Glass Apart


Sunday, 3 December 2017
Salon Beyrouth
The Event

In collaboration with ‘The Debonairs Lounge’ – a Beirut based blog on classic tailoring and luxury menswear, ‘Salon Beyrouth’ will be staging four visual displays that bring together the art of tailoring and spirits.

The visual displays will reflect, respectively, the powerful style of the Yuppie; the ranch flair of 1950’s Americana; the eternal lightness of the Riviera gentleman; and the draped clothes of the 1940’s elegante.

There will be a roundtable discussion and presentation on the items on display accompanied by a discussion on whiskeys and spirits historically associated with the aforementioned outfits.

The event’s whiskey tasting, presentations, and discussions will be conducted by Moustafa Makki of ‘Salon Beyrouth’ and Ali Jaber of ‘The Debonairs Lounge’.

Free Entrance




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