Frequent Defect: Inept Apparatus


Friday, 8 December 2017
Frequent Defect
The Event

Standing still. Flushed to assimilate. Not so much to the detriment of other salient contributors. The boundaries tend to be both hazy and and changing over time. In any medium it is neither a prescriptive set of features nor is it a circularly defined body of works, canonized and fixed; instead it's perpetually negotiated. Early on it had at least a couple of tendencies that were to some extent in opposition. Until the collapse. Not much time. We destroy the cities while nocturnal wandering makes us blind. The hierarchy entangles, within and out. The structure falls back, and we’re left bereft of self-affirmation, only to stand still yet again

Line up :

- TWAN (MadBack Records, T/W/B, RIMBU) [BE]

Ghent-beloved and local hero, TWAN co-founded the eminent techno conceptions RIMBU & Repossession. Strongly growing ever since, himself and RIMBU are fast becoming one of Belgium’s biggest industrial techno artists and events respectively. Strongly influenced by rave music TWAN creates a quirky sound in his sets and productions that can be instantly recollected once he takes over. Heavy pounding kicks combined with old-school rave-y synths compose the order.

- June aka Joseph Junior Sfeir

Industrial sounds. Rave throbs. Coalescence of analog modular pulses and sagacious modulations. Derived from the early industrial transgressive and provocative waves that transmuted into the temper of the burning age. Fast-paced, motley hard noises.

- Renata

Music conception heavily charged by environment, inspirations, and personal growth. Started off mixing in London which then took a turn towards other European cities pounding gems collected throughout the journey. Resident and co-founder of 'The Calling' - a London-based Techno party and community that provides a platform for passionate locals to share their music. Her recent return to Lebanon saw her direct an inner focus on her progression and using a keen grasp of her favorite parts of music to find inspiration and create her concept. This lead the way to working on her own productions and focusing on experimention and live performances.

- Mr Roquentin aka Rayyan Abdel Khalek

His music is sprinkled with rat poison, rattle-snake venom, with the fetid breath of the gardenia, the leper's sugar coated nostalgia and adorned with the scent that emanates from the fervent cunts of virgins in solitude.

- Stephanie Merchak [Live]

Stephanie Merchak’s first endeavors into the realm of electronic music came in the early 2000s along with a strong academic background and technical expertise. She has been working on bringing out her own touch of experimentalism, performing her music live since 2009 and has already released individual tracks, EPs and full-length albums both independently and on labels in France, The UK and the US. Her tracks have been featured on various radio shows and mixes.
Stephanie is also a sound editor, composer and sound designer.

- Rise 1969 (DMT Records)

William Mahfoud (a.k.a. Rise 1969) successfully drilled his way through the English electronic music scene shortly after he obtained his degree in sound engineering from the SAE Institute. From taking part in the not-so-legal raves in London, to playing gigs in the Ministry of Sound, and being associated with indie labels like DMT Records, ABCD, Metafiziq and Mischkonsum. William’s music ranges between dark techno beats that often carries a perceptible Middle-Eastern influence and sound experimentations involving EEG, neuro-feedback, brain waves and psychoacoustics.


Practical info:

Friday December 8th
20.000LL at the door
15.000LL door list (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or rsvp on Resident Advisor to get your name on the list


Disclaimer: individuals prone to epileptic seizures and/or overwhelmed ear drums are not incited to attend for the sake of their own well-being.



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