Hiking at 'Qornet el Sawda' on Sunday, Sept 03 with Dale Corazon


Sunday, 3 September 2017
Dale Corazon - Lebanon Explorers
The Event

Hiking in the highest peak in the Near East is just amazing!!!
HIKE LOCATION : Qornet El Sawda / Bcharre / In the North
2650 to 3088 meters above sea level.
122 km from Beirut.
WHEN : Sunday, September 03, 2017

ENCOUNTER PLACE : Mar Maroun Church Parking, Dora @ 7:30 AM
FEES : 50,000 LL per person including transport, guides, 5 minutes warming up, stretching, pictures, insurance and pick-up.
WHAT TO TAKE : Take some light snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits. Pack your backpacks with lunch, water, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don't forget to get a thick jacket, woolen hate and gloves. Wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably hiking shoes (Professional brand is recommended). DC members get a 20% discount on sports equipment in Sport 4 Ever branches.
There will be a breakfast stop along the way.
FOR RESERVATION AND INFO: Please Call 00961-70-986118 / 00961-70-997062 and by sending SMS, mentioned your name, surname and the event you wish to join us on.

The name might be scary as it translates in into the Black Peak, but it is pure Lebanese beauty.

This hike in Qornet El Sawda belong to North Lebanon to Mount Makmal, is one of the highlights of a visit to Lebanon where you can take a lot of unforgettable pictures.
Qornet el Sawda is the highest peak in the Near East and in Lebanon located at an altitude of 3,088 m above sea level. It deserves the effort we do to reach it because it offers a very unique scene in all directions; Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon can be easily viewed from there when weather conditions allow it and you will definitely need a light jacket even if it may be hot in Beirut.
HIKING LEVEL. 1 to 3 for easy, 4 to 6 for intermediate, 7 to 9 for strenuous
The hike (level 6) is tough, mostly uphill for about 18km long and starts from “Dahr el Adeeb”. The path is exposed to sunlight and there are no trees to cover us so you surely need to use sun protection and wear hiking hates.
For all adventure lovers we advise you to take this challenge!

The ones who prefer an easier hike (level 3 & 4), you have another alternative that will help you reduce 1/2 of the path; a lift in a pick-up.

We will have lunch at the peak. Get warm clothing because it will be really cold up there!

In our return to Beirut, our stop can be in Batroun to drink fresh Lemonade.

Note: All Ecotourism Rules should be followed included Safety regulations. Otherwise all accidents will not be recognized by the insurance. And occasionally, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the event may occur.

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