The Journey


Sunday, 30 July 2017
Pierre & Friends
The Event

Pierre & Friends in collaboration with Kemistry Bookings are presenting one Sunday from each month this summer The Journey.

We have your local young talents in hand and a heart-felt selection of artists from around the world to give you the best ethnic tunes in town!
An educational music therapy journey is coming your way on Sunday July 30th as we are proud to host one of the finest in Down Tempo category:
Milo Hafliger

From the very first instant of each of his sets, Milo prepares us for an astonishing journey and invites us to reconnect with our true selves to probe deep inside our being for buried or sometimes
forgotten feelings. This is how a beautiful story begins in the heart of our unconsciousness, underlined by refined ethnic sounds.
We get by and by seized in a world of sweetness with
melancholic accents and our ears discover an enchanting poem that needs no words.
For quite some time Milo has been part of the electronic scene, spreading his music that raises
stunning emotions and brings about strong messages; it makes us question the world which surrounds us. It brings us together, opens our minds and leads us to sometimes forgotten essential
values such as sharing, meeting and discovering.

Milo's musical skills developed during early childhood cello lessons, which he uses now as source of inspiration for his dreamy journeys.
Milo belongs to those artists who subtly offer us a new look on our world like a little note of hope in the hubbub of the world around us.

Wassim Younis
Wassim Younes is a highly spiritual Producer/DJ which considers music is something sacred and divine . His productions are much more than just sounds, they are a story that contains various emotions to take you into a deep fanatic paradise holding vocals from all around the world. His middle eastern oriented sounds were one of the major performances in Afrika Burning Man festival. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence by his spiritual family background . After the release of his "Devanagari EP " on Lump Records , he managed to be a part of great international events across the world with famous artists. On the other hand, we are looking forward for his new release of "Maia EP" with our brothers Ali Farahani & Patrik Khach on Pipe & Pochet. On this event, Wassim will make sure to take us on a journey to discover the healing power of music to the soul.


We are very proud to support our local young talents artists and for this event please come discover this very talented duo:

Streaming a variety of underground's best music, leaping from a podcast to another, Akram and Loay fell in love immediately with the art of djing. Brainstorming tracks and artists together, it was directly felt that a music bond exists, leading to the birth of an exceptional duo, TeknoLust. After nailing a spot at one of Lebanon's best underground music festivals, their name grew wider and their music was jumping from one another. They had the chance to share the booth with many internationals, Marcelo Vasami and Tash to name a few. They always know how to please the crowd with their miscellaneous blend of harmonious grooves, pushing their way through the scene.

At the age of 12, Jad use to hangout at his father's beach bar and surf school during summer. This is where he discovered music and djing. Jad is the owner and son of Pierre at Pierre & Friends. He became the resident DJ that most of you danced on his tunes for years. Jad is very talented and with very refined musical ears that brings happiness and joy to the crowed. He will be closing this beautiful voyage on this Sunday Journey.

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