The 90's Pool Party


Friday, 14 July 2017
Pool d'Etat
The Event

Haven for artists presents:
Bigger, Better, Wetter!!

Join us for a night of swimming, dancing and reminiscing.
We took you back in time once, and we're about to do it again except it'll be BIGGER, BETTER and WETTER.

We have no shame so we encourage you to get your Speedo, flashy goggles, and floatation devices ready to romp, stomp, and splash as your favorite 90's tracks blast on the rooftop pool.
There will be a BBQ pit serving you with your backyard pool memories.

_90's Antics
_brotha from anotha motha

Doors open at 8:00 pm
10$ entrance fee
-BBQ and Summer cocktails available at pocket friendly prices.
- Pool will be open (bring your towels and bathing suits)

We ask that no matter how drunk you get to remember that there is no diving or jumping into the pool. It is for swimming, grinding and dancing!



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