Electric Sundown presents Satori, Davi & Eduardo Castillo


Friday, 30 June 2017
Electric Sundown
The Event

It’s time for the next monthly installment of Electric Sundown and this time we’re moving the party to a surprise location. Each month we’re dedicated to pushing the experience to the next level. Whether it’s sonically or sensory, be assured that no two Sundown’s are ever the same.

HisSatori(Live) //
Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. It is not defined by any-one genre. Satori is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden. Listen as you take on new dimensions of his musical world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm.

Discovering his passion for music from an early age, he was subsequently admitted to the Vocal Department of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. David's immigration to Los Angeles expanded his horizons in music. Focusing on production of genre defying electronic music, David’s sound can best be described as deeply melodic journey into the mind that can leave you whiplashed much like a rollercoaster. As the vibrant strings of acoustic guitar resonate over thick bass lines, you can feel a warm glow in your heart, interrupted only by an occasional conga riff.

Eduardo Castillo//
Eduardo's mission is to always become a storyteller from beginning to end. With Every record he plays has a very important intention. The music in his selections does not just fill time, it weaves in and out with dynamic and texture. The music and his improvisational live remixing are brush strokes on a canvas that once he's reached the end, will look like a world of realism and fantasy all in one. He's a master at layering the musical with the technical and the surreal with the real.

With TIA

New Location
5-7pm Free
7-Closing 40,000LL

For table reservations, call 76 363662

This is a nightclub not a school disco. We cannot guarantee admission to anyone. Seriously, we’ve had to turn back partners, siblings, exes and parents. Don’t take it personally, it happens to the best of us, überhaus managment.

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