Miziara 4x4 Event 2017


Saturday, 10 June 2017
Miziâra, Liban-Nord, Lebanon
The Event

It is the time again to launch our yearly 4x4 competition. Our competition this year will be divided on two consecutive days, unlike previous years.

•Day 1: Saturday, June 10,2017
Speed test for 4x4 vehicle will start at 4:00 pm sharp.
You are all encouraged as well to join us after the speed competition for an unforgettable night where we would be camping next to the competition's site.

•Day 2: Sunday, June 11,2017
Of course,you are all waiting for this day just like us. The semi lock competition would start at 8:00am sharp and a really interesting circuit that will eventually show and exhibit the drivers' skills is designed.

Whether you have an equipped 4x4 vehicle or not.. WE'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!! Just grab your stuff and come as you are!!!


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