Dany's Hamra Closing & Relocating BBQ


Sunday, 21 May 2017
Dany's Pub (Hamra St 78 Alleyway, Beirut, Lebanon)
The Event

On Sunday May 21st 2017, Dany's Hamra will be closing down to relocate from one alleyway to another and join forces with Bread Republic; and we are throwing our infamous BBQ Day Party to celebrate this event.

Nine great years in the Alleyway of Friends & Family Gatherings, Engagement and Weddings, Hookups and Breakups, Graduations and Farewells, Happy Hours and Late Hours, Morning Drinks and After Hour Drinks, Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey Dinners, Live Bands and Quiz Nights; We even had video clip shoots and movies.

You will keep enjoying all these moments at our new location next to Bread Republic side-by-side with a more relaxed laid back environment in a quieter and more exclusive pedestrian only street.

You love the mood and the drinks at Dany's and soon you will enjoy the food as well at our new location, where you can "sit anywhere and order anything" new concept.

So Join us to celebrate this closing down party over Food, Drinks, Music & Dancing (and by dancing we mean Dabke) from NOON TILL LAST MAN STANDING

✔ Now famous BBQ noon to 4PM
✔ Entertainment & music all day
✔ Arak baladi
✔ Dancing
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