3 films, 3 Lebanese Photojournalists : Screening and Discussion


Tuesday, 11 April 2017
Station Beirut
The Event

To mark the start of the Lebanese conflict, Beirut Center of Photography (BCP) will present an evening of documentary films and discussions, exploring the lives and work of three of Lebanon’s most prominent photojournalists. Following the screenings, the filmmakers and the featured photographers will discuss the art and craft of photojournalism and filmmaking with the audience.

The number of seats being limited, please send an email for reservations to the following address:

Date: April 11, 2017
Time: 7:30 to 11 pm
Place: STATION, Jisr El Wati, sector 66, Beirut

The program will include:

7:30 - 8:30 pm- Screening of 'Beirut Photographer'
8:30 - 8:45 pm - A short break
8:45 - 9::30 pm- Screening of 'Under my Skin' and 'Recollections'
9: 30 - 11:00 pm - discussion with the public, moderated by Nadine Mazloum, editor at and a blogger at Newsroom Nomad.

Synopsis of the films

George Azar 's Beirut Photographer' is an internationally acclaimed documentary that explores issues of heritage, politics, memory and a journalist’s relationship to the subjects in his photographs. The film follows noted Lebanese American photographer George Azar’s return to Lebanon, thirty years after his arrival as a young adult in Beirut, and his search for the people in his most iconic images.

Christina Foerch’s remarkable short documentary films 'Under My Skin' and 'Recollections, feature two photographers; Patrick Baz and Aline Manoukian. Her films explore each photographer’s unique approach towards their craft, as well as the human impact documenting war and conflicts has had upon both the photographers and their families.

Biographies of the filmmakers

George Azar is an award winning Lebanese American photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, and author of the book, 'Palestine, A Photographic Journey' (UC Press, 1991). His first film, 'Gaza Fixer', was nominated for the 2007 Rory Peck Award for 'extraordinary courage behind the camera.' He has shot and/or directed over 50 documentary films and shorts for international news networks including AJE/AJD/BBC and Vice News. His film 2008 film with Tom Evans, 'Two Schools in Nablus' was awarded the British Royal Television Society Education Award in 2009 and the Japan Prize in Education.

Christina Foerch Saab has worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker in Berlin and in Beirut, where she has been living since the year 2000.
She made numerous reports, features and documentaries for renowned TV stations such as ARD, ZDF, arte, ORF, Al Arabiya and others from and about Lebanon and worked as video journalist for DW TV’s Arabic program. Apart from her TV work, she’s a founding member of the Lebanese NGO Fighters for Peace. She specialized in topics such as memory, civil war, ex-combatants, arms control, and led many projects for NGOs in these fields since 2008 until now. She has also produced a series of documentaries about the memory of the Lebanese civil war for non-profit organizations. Her first feature documentary, Che Guevara died in Lebanon, premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2011 and participated in other international film festivals in Germany, Turkey and Lebanon in 2012.
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