Touching The Heart Of Playback Theater Training


Monday, 20 March 2017
The Event

Within Wasl by Laban's mission to spread Playback Theater and expand the community of playbackers in Lebanon, Wasl will be conducting a Playback Theater training of four months.

Playback Theater is a form of improvisational theater in which the audience members share stories from their lives and see them instantly re-enacted by a group of actors, with music.

Candidates should be motivated and able to commit to a four months training in Playback Theater.

This program is designed for community workers, activists, actors, musicians and all artists who wish to become Playbackers, and/or wish to establish Playback Theater initiatives within their communities.

Within the training participants will learn basic acting skills, basic music skills, playing with a team, physical expression, vocal expression, Playback short and long forms, the arc of a Playback show, and they will explore the world of stories, discovering the heart of a story and its social levels. They will improve their listening skills and their empathetic minds. By the end of the training, participants will be capable of conducting a story, listening to a teller, playing a story back along with a team, by being the tellers actor or other. They will be able to play music for a Playback performance and becone familiar with the history of Playback, its concepts and where ut can fulfil a need within their communities, Participants can then join a running Playback troupe, or form their own troupes -supported by Wasl- according to their skills.

-Abdullah Jatal:
Abdullah - or Abodi - is currently completing his Masters degree in clinical psychology at the Lebanese University. He is also working on his Drama Therapy masters.
Abodi is a professional actor and facilitator, he practices several forms of theater, and took part in more than 300 performances and sessions of Playback theater, Improvisational theater, Image theater, Forum theater, and other...
Abodi is a diverse percussionist, playing on a variety of instruments.
As a Playbacker, Abodi was one of the very first people who started practicing Playback in Lebanon and was trained by international trainers such as Ben Rivers and Jo Salas. He conducts, acts and plays music during Playback Theater performances.

-Farah Wardani:
Farah is an actress, clown doctor, puppeteer, drama teacher, and applied theater practitioner.
Farah is a theater graduate with a diploma of high studies from the Lebanese University, and a BA in psychology.
Farah has co-founded Wasl alongside Ali, Abodi and others. She is a Playback practitioner since 2011, taking part in around performance as actress and conductor. Farah is the lead trainer of Wasl and its director. Also she is a faculty member of the Arab School of Playback Theater.
Farah also trains and uses Theater of the Oppressed, Drama Therapy techniques among many others in Lebanon and the region with different communities and contexts.

-Ali Dawi:
Ali is a Civil Engineer with an ME from AUB. Ali is a musician playing Oud, singing and composing. His passion and believe in the power of art brought him to Laban as an improvisational actor first, then joining Wasl, its sub troupe working on theater as a tool for social change using Theater of the oppressed, Playback theater and other formats.
In Playback he joined every performance (around 50) as an actor, musician and conductor. He started his training in PB 6 years ago with Armand Volkas then with Ben Rivers and many other trainers.
He co-led the training of the Youth Playback Theater Troupe within Wasl delivering music, singing, vocal skills and other for Playback.

The training will take place in Beirut. (Location will be shared later with the selected candidates)
-Starting 20th of March 2017.
-Ending mid July 2017.
Twice per week, three hours each.
200 $ per month. (To be submitted at the 1st session of each month)
Graduates of the program will receive a Certificate in Playback Theater Foundation and Practice (Level one) of Wasl by Laban.

The Training can be counted towards an internationally recognised Diploma in Playback Theater.
For more info on the CPT Diploma program, Please visit:
-If you are interested please fill the application below.
-Deadline to submite you applications:
The 10th of March 2017.

For more information call us on: 00 961 3 093610
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