Eta Aquariids An observation


Saturday, 6 May 2017
The Event

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower is in magic-time, BeirutVersus presents an observation night on Saturday the 6th of May, at the peak

Transportation will be only by bus from / to in front of BLOM Bank, Dora.

Two talks will be given throughout the observation night:

On the Future of Imaging / Astrophotography
On the Delights of Coffee / Astrophotography

As the talks are part of the event and will partially be taking place on the route to Kfardebian, we will only be registering those who would like to join us by bus.

The program of the night will be the following:
- Departure: 10:00PM sharp. No delays will be allowed and meeting the bus en route is not an option, the bus will be leaving at 8:00PM, please be by the bus by 9:45PM max.
- On the future of Imaging / Astrophotography: Talk by Khalil Azar in-bus, on the way to Kfardebian.
- 11:00PM Arrival on location, setting up tripods / cameras / mattresses.
- 11:30PM On the delights of Coffee / Astrophotography talk, Eta Aquarids observation, exploring the spring night sky.
- 12:00AM Further astrophotography, Milky Way core rising.
- 2:00AM Return to Beirut by bus.
The night will be very cold, temperatures are expected to be be less than 10 degrees. Dressing up warm is essential, with multiple insulating layers, nature is not to be taken for granted. Double layers of socks or thermal socks are necessary, sweaters, scarfs, jackets.

We will be departing back to Beirut by 2:00AM.

Observations will be thru live astrophotography and binoculars, plenty to be discovered in the winter night sky.

The event fee is nonrefundable, phone contact details will be provided upon registration, further enquiries taken via the page messaging feature.

In case of cloudy skies, the event will have a one hour workshop on night photography instead.

Please feel free to bring own snacks / drinks as there are no food stands on-location.

The event fee is 25$ per person and includes:

- Transportation to / from site by bus

- Two astrophotography talks

- Group photos of the night

- Night photography workshop in case of cloudy skies

The event is limited to a maximum of 40 attendees / a single bus.
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