Fibre Sound w. Siamak Amidi / Renata / Telmiz


Saturday, 25 February 2017
Yukunkun Club Mar Antonios Street, Beirut
The Event

Fibre is an independent art project sharing creative writings, photographs and films about the music scene and culture, worldwide.

Sometimes, we do parties, based on sounds we follow, so this time we are bringing Siamak Amidi, label owner of Volt Music and co-founder/Creative Director of Analog Room to Beirut.

Joining him to the roaster are 2 of the finest locals, Telmiz aka Mario R. Gharios and Renata.

On another note, Walid Nehmé will be exhibiting his music photography project "Metamorphosis."


More about the artists:

Siamak Amidi:


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