Wars, wombs, and words: an evening of poetry and prose


Thursday, 23 February 2017
The Event

Join us on February 23rd for a short evening of poetry and prose at Mansion, in Zoukak Blatt, Beirut.

Grab a drink or a coffee and a seat (AND a friend) and have a listen as five ARAB WOMEN voices share their powerful work. Poets & writers for the evening include Jehan Bseiso, Hind Shoufani, Rima Rantisi, Kathy Shalhoub and Rewa Zeinati.

We'd love to hear you read or perfrom your work too, so if you'd like to share your poetry or short prose, sign up at the door and we'll have a draw for four.

See you then!

(The painting used in this FB invite is by Syrian artist, Tarek Butayhi. Follow his amazing work on instagram at Tarek_butayhi)

Oh, and down with patriarchy
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