Valentine weekend in Qobayet


Saturday, 11 February 2017
The Event

Valentine is one of the holidays that usually Lebanese people wait for every year, as we spend it in restaurants or hotels or travelling.

Vinca libanotica team decided to change the routine by giving you the oportunity to spend this holiday on the 11th and the 12th of February in JABALNA Ecolodge located in Qobayet - north of Lebanon and snowshoeing in KARM Chbat.

Al Qoubaiyat is located at the northeast of the Lebanese republic ,145 km to the North of the Lebanese capital Beirut. It is limited at the west by the village "Akkar el Attika", at the East by the line which separates the two districts of Akkar (North) and the Hermel Bekaa.
JABALNA ecolodge located at the forest of alMurgan Kobayat north Lebanon. JABALNA ecolodge is an eco-friendly hostel, separate bungalows ,located in the mountains of Kobayat, 10 minutes away from square, in the middle of the natural pine forest. A quiet and peaceful location ideal for nature lovers and escapees from city noise and pollution. Good lodging opportunity for weekend hikers.

Program for Saturday and Sunday:
Day 1 :Saturaday 11-2-2017 :
- Departure: 3:00 pm ( Meeting at DHL - Jal Dib)
- Arrive to Jabalna - Qoubbayat : 6:00 pm
- Dinner ( Lebanese food - Grills (Mashaway) - soft drinks )
- Sitting near the chimney
Day 2 : Sunday 12-2-2017:
- Breakfast : 8:00 am ( Lebanese breakfast - Local Labneh - Kawarma - egges - hot drinks etc ....)
- Packing : 9:00 am
- Hiking ( Section 0 LMT - Karm Chbat
Distance : 9 km
Level : Medium ) .
- 3:00 pm end of hike ( leave to Beirut)

Description of the trail:
Kobayat ( Karm Chbat Forest ) is located at the northeast of the Lebanese Republic, 140km away from Beirut, the capital. It is limited at the west by the village "Akkar el Attika", at the East by the line which separates the two districts of Akkar (North) and the Hermel.
Our snowshoeing event will starts from Shir el- Sanam,to Mrah biet Darwish,to Ain Tabet spring where we can drink cold water,than to Shir Nemer passing through forested area , Haraf Akkar ,to Mar Bakhous , and finally to to Mar Chalita where the bus is waiting us( Section 1 LMT).All trail is covered with forests of pine,Junipers and other kind of trees.

- EARLY RESERVATIONS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY confirming your attendance on the event by calling Daniel on 70-196750 (whatsapp-viber-sms-messenger) or through visiting our website and also VINCA LIBANOTICA page and group.

Elevations: starting from 1500 m - 1750 m - 1500 m
Distance from Beirut: 107 kms

cumulative descent : -250m
cumulative ascent: +250m

Meeting point: behind DHL - Jal el dib facing the Canadian embassy ( we can pick our hikers that live on our way)

Breakfast stop on the road

Total hiking duration: 4:30 hrs

Moving time: 3:30 hrs

Required materials: Wear a snowsuit or anything waterproof to prevent your clothes from getting wet. Wear waterproof boots (preferably after-ski boots), or get thick nylon bags to cover your walking shoes. Don’t forget the woolen hat and gloves. Get an extra pair of socks. Pack your backpack with water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and lunch. Energy snacks will be a good idea too!

Fees: 80 $ ( Tranprtation - Guides - Bed - Dinner - Breakfast- snowshoes rental, guidance, 5 mins warming up, stretching, and first aid kit but does not include medical insurance)

Note: Reservation before 01 February ( Limited places ) down payment is necessary.

Vinca libanotica will be equipped by all class sport brands that will be our official sponsor.

Benefits from our sponsors exclusivity offers:
Participants of vinca libanotica can benefit from 20% discounts on all brands purchases from class sport (jack wolfskin-supra-matrix-arena-venum-icepeak-nordica-rome sds-salice-powerslide-peak-prince)

Class sport branches:
Mansourieh - baabda - jounieh - Jnah

Group of 6 or more will benefit from 1 free Hiking invitation

Event maybe cancelled if a minimum number of 12 is not achieved

For info and reservation call:
Daniel Salameh 70 196 750

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.