Lehar - All Through The Night Tour 2017 - Grand Factory, Beirut


Saturday, 21 January 2017
The Grand Factory Sea Side Road, Karantina, Behind Vanlian
The Event

All Through The Night – a musical concept to realize the monolithic vision of Lehar.

In Early 2017, Lehar is hosting his very own club series, capturing the DJ booth from start to finish. One artist, one night, one idea: A night of dreaming and a night of dancing have one major aspect in common - only if they are in a complete flow, uninterrupted, they can unfold their strongest effect.

Lehar wanted to make others experience this idea and to share his love for the music. All Through The Night can bring you anywhere from heartfelt Electronica over spirited House tunes to straight-up Techno turmoil – mixed in one hypnotic blend, creating one fluent motion.

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