Winter Aaqoura Trail 2016


Sunday, 11 December 2016
The Event

The "Winter Aaqoura Trail 2016" is organized by 4Seasons Mountain Trails in association with Tri-Lebanon and is a 21-km trail running race. This first edition race starts and finishes in the stunning village of Aaqoura in the north of Lebanon. The course follows the majestic cliffs to the east of the village and climbs up along the ridge to an approximate altitude of 2000 meters. The first 3 kilometers and last 2 kilometers of the course is on asphalt concrete and the rest of the course is mostly sandy and rocky with many flats and a few steep climbs. However, the views in all directions are worth the climbs.

Athletes must follow the course as marked by the organizers. Organizers will have 4 water stations and check points located at regular intervals. Athletes must carry their own water bottles, at least 750ml of water. Course marshals will provide water refills as the participants will not be allowed to carry plastic water bottles. Athletes must also carry their trash from their nutrition as they are not allowed to throw trash on the course or in the nature. Hikers and runners are welcome, but all must finish the race in 5 hours.
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