Launching Party 2017


Sunday, 10 December 2016
ATCL Club, Kaslik
The Event

Meet """"THE GLOW EDITION""""" Saturday December 10 :
ATCL Club, Kaslik hosting The "Launching Party" In the Ballroom with a new setup.
Introducing an amazing lineup, we promise you the best and we only bring you the best.
Plenty of Parking (Free)
Large dancefloors
Warm atmesphere
Salsa Mambo room
Bachata Kizomba room
Free class at 9:30pm with Int'l artist

Surprises & Gifts
Special appearance

Great music and Fun garanteed.

Together we will get ready to glow at "The Glow Edition" 2017, with an exciting colorful mood.

Lebanon LATIN Festival "The Home Of All Dancers"
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