Book Singing by Chef Marlene Matar


Thursday, 3 November 2016
Antoine in Beirut Souks
The Event

I am so excited to inform you about the publication of my book “Aleppo Cookbook” in English and to invite you to the book-signing event on Tuesday, the 3rd of November at Antoine in Beirut Souks at 5:00 pm.

The publishers have done such a good job of presenting the book as a nice gift to Syrians and to people interested in Aleppo as a city and as cuisine.

“The Aleppo Cookbook” the legendary cuisine of Syria, portrays the aromas and flavors of the food I had the pleasure to cook and enjoy for many years and which brings alive to the reader the unexplored food of Aleppo, the rich mix of traditional unfamiliar dishes, their stories, anecdotes, fairy tales and historical facts, along with the exotic spices and new ingredients to which The International Academy of Gastronomy in France awarded Aleppo its culinary prize in 2007.

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