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Sunday, 6 November 2016
Ehden Reserve
The Event

Ehden forest (Horsh Ehden) is one of the most diversified ecosystems of Lebanon. This picturesque natural reserve shows its beauty mostly in autumn, where colors are as diversified as the numerous kinds of trees.

Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is rich in biodiversity. Over 1,058 plant species have so far been recorded in the reserve, accounting for nearly 40% of the plant species in Lebanon. This is impressive, considering that the reserve represents less than 0.1% of the total area of Lebanon.

In this hike, many levels are available:
LEVEL 3 starts near Nabaa Jouit, at the lowest entrance of the natural reserve. The hike breaks through a pine forest then slowly, broadleaved trees such as the rare wild apple, different kinds of deciduous and evergreen oaks, as well as the sumptuous maple with its fall yellow leaves. Then the forest becomes mixed with conifers including the majestic cedar and fir which takes of this forest as its most southern limit. The trail ends up at about 1750m in the middle of the cedar forest. This level is estimated to be achieved in 3 hours and a half at slow pace.

LEVEL 5 takes the same trail as level 3; however the hiking will be on a faster rhythm. This trail will continue to the top of the reserve to reach the hut of Btellaya (2000m). If fog is absent, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the forest beneath, and discover the round shaped juniper trees watching over the forest. This level is estimated to be achieved in 4.5 hours (effective hiking) at moderate pace.

LEVEL 6 This level will be done only if the weather is clear without any fog. The trail will take you to the peak of the mountain where you will be able to rest in Abou Yousef’s house. You will see the cave called “Beb el Hawa”. The path will continue to the top of the jurd and further away to Saidet el Hosn.

WHERE: Ehden
In the north
1450 meters above sea level.

WHEN: Sunday, November 06

MEETING PLACE: 7:30 AM in the parking of Sagesse School in Jdeideh, facing the public garden.

PRICE: 85,000 LL per person including transport, guides, insurance, lunch and the entrance to the reserve. (Please get the exact change to facilitate and speed up the registration process). 55 000 without lunch

WHAT TO GET: Get some light snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits. Pack your backpacks with water, lunch, a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don’t forget to get a jacket.

RESERVATION: For reservation call 79-115001 or 03-917190 every day between 9AM and 5 PM. It is preferable to send an SMS from your mobile, giving your name, surname, and the event you wish to attend.

NB: Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur. Ecotourism rules must be followed, otherwise personal accidents will not be accounted for by the insurance.

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