Rock the Doctor


Thursday, 3 November 2016
PlayRoom Nahr el mot
The Event

In Sanity Q is back and ready to Rock the Doctor. Join us on the 3rd of November at Playroom and experience madness like you’ve never done before.

Follow the Doctor on his peculiar journey, get stuck by the absurd, witness insanity, and enjoy the theatrical rock show.

Don’t miss it and be sure to tag and invite your doctor.

Additional Info:
- In Sanity Q is a Shock Rock band from Beirut notoriously known for their dark humor and theatrical acts on stage.
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- Sledgehammer Productions is an event management company that also provides Artist/Band management and music production.
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Be one of the first 100 to show up and get a free CD
Entrance Fee: $20 (1 Free Beer)
For reservations please call: 03/526 566

See you in your nightmares,
In Sanity Q
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