Flash Fiction Workshop


Tuesday, 8 till Thursday, 10 November 2016
FADE IN: Armenia Street, Mar Mkheil
The Event

What better way to learn the craft of writing than to actually write? And to be a good writer, you have to write A LOT.

With flash fiction, the art of writing the super-short story, you can finish more and more projects in less and less time. Most writers end up turning their flash fiction pieces into short stories or the basis of a novel idea.

Join us to write a story in two days. Because super short stories will teach you a lot about the craft of writing.

- Writing, brainstorming and creative consciousness
- Finish 1-2 flash fiction pieces 250 – 500 words
- Story concepts distilled into the very short
- Actually write
- Use this concepts to start, continue and build a volume of work

Session breakdown:
All sessions are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at #fadein Mar Mkhael

Session #1 | Get started | Tuesday 8 November
- How to break the barriers and write
- Why is Flash Fiction important for all your writing?
- Write a story. Now.

Session #2 | Get finished | Thursday 10 November
- More writing & more concepts
- Character and Structure
- Write, rewrite and write a story. Now.

Chris Khatschadourian
writer & encyclopedia of literary works

With a degree in English literature from Haigazian, Chris has read and written in nearly every style and every grammatical tense. His writing is full of real characters who think deeply and connect to readers well beyond the page.

For more on Chris:

$60 per person
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*12 students maximum, sign up now to hold your spot

fadein, Armenia Street, Mar Mkhael

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