Life's A Beach


Saturday, 1 October 2016
The Beach House Okaibe
The Event

Have you ever fell asleep to the sound of crashing waves?

If you did then you know how the repetitive gentle bass beat can dispel stress and bring about a blissful state of calm.

The sound of waves alters the wave patterns in the brain, making you more calm and relaxed. When relaxed, happiness is well embraced.

Now if you ask; Life's A Beach? Well it's all a matter of perspective and if yours aint one, you might as well reconsider

■ What ? a party at The Beach House

■ Who? the good, the bad and the kinky.

■ When? Saturday October 1st.

■ Where? On the highway Casino to Jbeil, take Okaibe exit.

■ Why? because Life's A Beach whether you choose to accept it or deny it.

■ How? using GPS
▪ here maps :
▪ google maps :

✚ Music Lineup:
♪ Kro
♪ Padawan
♪ Dao
♪ Kapushka
♪ YaKuzan

✜ Music Styles:
♬ Reggae
♬ Dub
♬ Dubstep
♬ Bass
♬ Breaks
♬ Jungle
♬ Drum'n'Bass

♫more artists to be added...

Friendly Bar & Food prices:
● Bar & Security handled by YMevent.
► Happy Hour all night long.

● Food catered by the splendid people at The Beach House.
► Food menu will be shared soon.

● Tent rental is 10$.
► Bring your own & its a free camping zone.
► A Bonfire will be available for marshmellows and keeping you warm.

✱ Damage: 20$

✱ Door Policy: strictly 18+

✱ Tickets are sold at the door.

✱ For more info: 03 596238 or 03 410376

✱ Bring a towel, swim wear and your dancing feet.

Safety & A Secure Environment:

◆ Event staff & security reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

◆ The use or possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

◆ Firearms or weapons of any kind are not permitted into the venue.

◆ Please come with a smile and be prepared to enjoy a fun filled night of music and dancing.
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