Beirut Restaurants Festival


Friday, 30 September till Sunday, 2 October 2016
Trainstation Mar Mikhaël
The Event

The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs & Pastries in Lebanon is thrilled to announce the premiere of the Beirut Restaurants Festival, to be held from the 30th of September till the 2nd of October 2016 at the Trainstation Mar Mikhaël.

A melting pot of casual dining, pastry, fast food, cafés and food trucks, Beirut Restaurants Festival is guaranteed to get mouths watering and keep visitors entertained for hours with a live entertainment program. Children can even have their own fun in a dedicated kids area and pets are welcome too!

The event will include:
• Musical stage
• 55 participants
• 11 food trucks
• 4 lounges
• Kids area of around 100 sqm

Entrance fee on the door:
5,000 LBP for adults
FREE for children under 10
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