Sid's Noise Machine


Saturday, 10 September 2016
Lehfed Country Lihfid,
The Event

Sid's Noise Machine is an outdoor rave dedicated to hard electronic music covering everything from drum n bass and jungle to breakcore and hardcore.
This rave is organized by Surface Noise whose individuals share a mutual passion for music and in collaboration with PRSPCT Recordings. Along with our finest local DJs, we'll be bringing you more than 12 hours of ongoing music; strap your boots boys and girls, this is going to be one messy dance floor!

Oh and we invited our friends to come out and play:

Sinister Souls
Stazma The Junglechrist


Through this first event we aim to start revitalizing what once seemed a fading scene.

Vital information:

This rave will take place on September 10 in Lehfed Country Club.
Damage: 30$

More details are here:

- There will be a bar on site with friendly prices, but feel free to bring your own alcohol.

- The camping area is free of charge, so bring your tents and other gear. (If you wish to rent a tent, please notify us beforehand, as there is a limited amount).

- Weapons, Illegal substances, or public use of drugs will not be tolerated. Any person that is deemed a threat to the rave, will be asked to leave at once.

- A reminder to play nice boys and girls and not cause trouble.
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