Short Story Weekend


Friday, 26 till Monday, 29 August 2016
FADE IN: Armenia Street, Mar Mkheil
The Event

One fun-filled crazy weekend of brainstorming, character building, plot construction and getting your short-story down on paper...

That's right - after ONE weekend, you'll have a short story that's ready to submit to competitions or publications around the city!

Friday 26 August 6:00 - 7:30pm
Orientation/kick-off night at Oliver's Kitchen & Coffee Shop
FADE IN: founder Nadia Tabbara and head-trainer Jad El Khoury will be there to kick off the weekend. They will inform participants about the details of the weekend and tease you all about some surprises in store.

Saturday 27 August 10:00am - 6:00pm (with lunch break)
Day 1 - initial idea
- Each participant will pick a card - what's on that card you ask? it is random and will have to show up in your story.
- Participants get writing!
- Throughout the day, there will be lectures and tools on character, plot and idea building.
- After each tool, more high-speed writing will happen.
- This will be the day when the first draft of your story is almost complete.

Sunday 28 August 10am - 6:00pm (with lunch break)
Day 2 - rewrite, rework and get ready
- Feedback on your work
- Enhancing character and plot development
- Cutting unneccesary parts
- Structure, structure, structure
- A few surprises along the way!

Monday 29 August 6:30pm - 10:00pm
Public Reading Event at Oliver's Kitchen & Coffee Shop
You will read your stories to an audience of local artists, writers, publishers and industry professionals!

Some criteria & other things:
- No needed writing experience - all levels are welcome!
- Stories must be between 2 - 3 pages
- Preparing before the weekend is not possible! Watch out for that :)
- Lunch is not included, however, there are loads of cheap eats and tasty treats in Mar Mkheil, Armenia street!

Why join us for this weekend:
- It's fun and you end up with an awesome story!
- You will automatically be submitted to G&J's Short-Story competition, in collaboration with Tadros Publishing for a chance to have your story featured in a compilation to be sold and marketed in book stores and online
- Charbel Tadros, editor and writer, will be present at the event for networking
- Rusted Radishes, AUB's prestigious Literary and Art Journal will be present for networking

This class is run by Jad El Khoury, head writing instructor at FADE IN: in English and spoken Arabic. Find out more about him here:

Early Bird: $175 before 17 August
Regular: $200 after 17 August

FADE IN: Mar Mkheil, of course!
And, our community partners Oliver's Kitchen & Coffee Shop in gemmayze for our orientation/kick off and our special event!

Register online:

Places are limited to 15 people maximum! Hurry up - no excuses!

Questions, comments or jokes:
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