Wickerpark Music Festival 2016


Saturday, 10 September 2016
Wicker Park
The Event

Wickerpark is a grassroots alternative festival. Over the past 5 years it has managed to become a milestone in the independent festival experience in Lebanon. With modest beginnings, so far it has accommodated more than 14,000 attendees, 70 acts, and a long list of artists and performers.
The location remains the most unique feature of the festival, it takes place in a field next to the founder's beach house in the coastal city of Batroun (55 km North of Beirut).

The festival now plays a very unique role in the dynamics of the alternative culture in Lebanon. Due to the ever-growing legitimacy of the festival, we feel a degree of responsibility in introducing new sounds (locals, regionals and internationals) within high production standards to our audience. Among many, wickerpark is considered to be the most laid-back, affordable and rewarding live-music experience in the country.

This Years' edition:

10th of September / 4:00pm

Place: Batroun, Daou Garden


Festival pass: 30$

Online on; or
At the door


The Wanton Bishops



Filter Happier

Safar Music



Kid Fourteen


Rami O

Ziad Nawfal (Ruptured)

Jack The Fish

Festivities are an essential part of wickerpark, reaching out to the social and artistic community through NGOs, independent initiatives (that will showcase projects revolving around sustainability, art and activism), and outdoor activities that go with the philosophy of the festival. In addition to all this, an off-festival program will be taking place throughout that weekend.

Wickerpark has duties towards the environment and community, be they artistic, social or economical.

Camping area:
Details coming soon

Off-Festival :
Details coming soon

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