إفتتاح سينما ستارز في النبطية Stars Cinema in Nabatieh


Saturday, 6 August 2016
The Event

Cinema returns to Nabatyieh, Lebanon

Nabatiyeh has no cinema since 1990, when the Stars Cinema closed. But this will change very soon, as a team of Istanbouli Theatre are working to re-open the Stars Cinema.

Kassem Istanbouli, founder of Istanbouli Theatre, is the manager of the Al Hamra cinema at Tyre, a cinema that he reopened after 30 years closure. Under his direction several International Festivals have taken place at the city of Tyre, theatre, cinema, music, as well as street performances and interventions. Istanbouli projects have a strong commitment to the youngest of the community by means of weekly Theatre workshops and lessons. His experience at Tyre has lead him to the commitment with the re-opening of the Stars Cinema of Nabatiyeh.

Al Hamra Cinema experience at Tyre has shown that a well managed Culture space brings all sorts of Culture and Arts activities to the city, bringing people together to learn, to build common projects and to enjoy.This has been the case in Tyre, where a unique Culture movement is taking place thanks to the possibilities given by an open management of the Al Hamra Cinema activities.

The Team recalls the Culture history of Nabatiyeh, and the subsequent cinemas the city had: the Roxy, the Capitol, the Abu Amin Cinema,all currently closed, the Rivoli, burnt by the war in 1979, and then the Stars Cinema, opened by mid eighties and closed by 1990. Cinemas that staged the greatest artists of Lebanon. Stars Cinema will be a space to build Culture projects for the community.

Istanbouli Theatre was founded in 2008, and has participated in many theatre festivals in the Arab world, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Chile. It has been also promoting street theatre performances, working on the activation of a cultural movement, by means of Arts workshops and school theatre.
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