The Writer's Toolbox Workshop


Tuesday, 31 May, Till Thursday, 9 June 2016
FADE IN: Armenia Street, Mar Mkheil
The Event

Imagine the process of writing anything - creative or not - like building a table. You have supplies, the wood, the nails (the plot, the character) but they are scattered about and you need to put them together in some way.

This class is about the tools you need to help you along the way to a succesful outcome! Like a table, sometimes you’ll need a hammer and other times you’ll need a screwdriver or wrench. Writing functions much like this. Sometimes, you’ll need a certain story-tool, other times, you’ll need a different one, but it's best to fill your toolbox.

It is run by our own founder and creative writer Nadia Tabbara in English (Arabic will be spoken as well).

This class has 4 tools that can be used to write any successful story (novel, screenplay, short story, children's book etc):
1) The Writer’s Armor
2) The Hero’s Journey
3) Talk to Yourself
4) Genre Switches

These tools will help you get started, but will also help you enhance anything you’re already working on!

6:30 - 8:30pm
*adjustments may be made for Ramadan hours*

Session #1 | Tuesday 31 May
The Writer’s Armor:
This tool helps you shut up the judgmental voice in your head that cripples you from writing. It makes the writing process more FUN and faster – get your ideas down on paper.

Session #2 | Thursday 2 June
The Hero’s Journey:
This applies to life and writing stories. Figure out how you can use Joseph Campbell’s philosophy not as a formula to a story, but as a tool to enhance your characters and push your story forward. Then, apply to life!

Session #3 | Tuesday 7 June
Talk to Yourself:
Sounds crazy? Well, this tool will help you discover more about your story than any other. And then, more about yourself.

Session #4 | Thurdsay 9 June
Genre Switches:
This one is more technical, and yet, used in a creative way, it will yield huge results for your story. This tool helps writers play around with their work, so they are not so bogged down by how things are “supposed to be” and can start figuring out what they want to say and how they want to say it.


Choose your sessions or take all four!
Each session 50$
All four 180$

FADE IN: Mar Mkhael, Armenia street, Subway Building, Floor 2

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