Laylet Tarab at Summer Misk Festival


Thursday, 30 June 2016
BeitMisk Metn Expressway
The Event

Directed by Jean-Marie Riachi, the stars of MBC The Voice will take the Summer Misk stage, alongside 30 musicians, performing the best songs of Tarab in one unforgettable night.

The Stars: Nedaa Shrara - نداء شرآرة, Aboud Barmada - عبود برمدا, Radwan Sadek - رضوان صادق, Hamza Fadhlaoui حمزة الفضلاوي, and Walaa jundi official

Sunset Bar opens at 7.00 pm

$40, $60, $80 and $120
Tickets available at all Virgin Ticketing Box Office branches

INFOLINE: 71 - 21 11 21
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