Exhibition | Through the Crowd


Thursday, 8 March Until Monday, 4 June 2018
Sursock Museum
The Event

The Sursock Museum is pleased to invite you to the opening of "Through the Crowd: A Selection of Images from The Fouad Debbas Collection."

◼ Opening on Thursday 8 March 2018 from 18:00 to 21:00 ◼

On view until 4 June 2018
The Fouad Debbas Collection Gallery, Level 1

About the exhibition:
When a crowd rushes to gather around a spectacle, the photographer stands ready.

The spectacle that unfolds – whether a street market scene, a religious procession, or historic event – results from an unrehearsed action, in contrast to group photography which, for its part, is orchestrated by the photographer.

In capturing crowds, the photographer utilizes what have become the guiding rules of photojournalism. He assumes the role of spectator, chooses a favorable vantage point, and releases the shutter upon the immediate action, eagerly capturing the haphazards of instantaneity.

About The Fouad Debbas Collection:
The Fouad Debbas Collection is a photographic collection comprising over 30,000 images from the Middle East – namely Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and Turkey – from 1830 till the 1960s. It was built over the course of two decades by Fouad César Debbas (1930-2001), who was an ardent believer in the importance of collecting and preserving images as a means of safeguarding cultural heritage.

Housed in the Sursock Museum, the Collection consists of photographs, postcards, and stereoscopic views, in addition to loose albumen prints, etchings, and books, all of which relate to the region. The Collection, Orientalist in character and replete with commercial clichés, forms an important part of the Sursock Museum’s collection, highlighting photography’s key role in the development of modern art in Lebanon.


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