Forum of Opportunities and Resources


Wednesday, 21 till Sunday, 25 February 2018
Forum de Beyrouth
The Event

Organized by "Ora Union", First-of-its-kind event that will be held from February 20 till 25, 2018, at the Forum de Beyrouth, under the title, “Forum of Opportunities and Resources.”

This exhibition combines both the capacities and opportunities, and addresses all ages and categories in the Lebanese society. It actually constitutes a platform to shed light on the various human capacities in all media, intellectual, production, creative, agricultural, artisanal, sports, or artistic fields and to encourage citizens to invest their capacities in all these fields. The exhibition is also a meeting point for these capacities and the available opportunities, taking advantage of each of them, be it employment opportunities, marketing opportunities of enterprises, cooperatives, and agricultural and craft associations, or opportunities for establishing clubs and associations



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