C R a S H


Tuesday, 21 November till Saturday, 30 December 2017
Alice Mogabgab Gallery
The Event

C R a S H presents thirty recent photographs by NANCY DEBS HADAD of plates extracted from various electronic devices (computers, televisions, calculators, hi-fi, mobile telephones) after their ‘crash’. Developed by man to ensure circulation and storage of information, these plates, having become obsolete, pile up and form mountains of waste while waiting to be taken apart and finally destroyed.

With her camera lens, Nancy Debs Hadad focuses on the microscopic circuits, scrutinizes the inextricable networks, examines these memory safes, witnesses of a bygone – although recent – time, but also of a future world of artificial intelligence. From a series of straight lines interrupted by small circles tightly framed Hadad every so often reveals faces, masks with staring, questioning looks. Where the network of lines increases, these looks disappear and give way to a dense design conjuring up nocturnal landscapes – a starry sky, faraway constallations or wonderful, brightly lit cities. From this industrial universe, from these dead parts, Hadad brings out portraits and landscapes ranging from a striking simplicity to an extreme complexity, thus creating an intensely poetic visual language.



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