Third Eye / Merkaba Activation


Wednesday, 21 February 2018
House of WellBeing LB
The Event

The third eye is a spiritual concept that refers to a person being able to achieve perception beyond ordinary sight.
Also known as the ‘inner eye', it is the gateway to inner realms and states of higher consciousness, beyond the physical world.
The third eye refers to the brow chakra, located around the middle of the forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. It is connected to the pineal gland, which mainly maintains light sensitivity.
Through third eye meditation, the third eye is activated, and gives access to higher realms.

Along with type of meditation comes the Merkaba activation. A Merkaba is a star tetrahedron. It harmonizes male and female energy, much like a Yin/Yang symbol. It represents divine protection, connects you with the higher energy and allows you to channel this energy for your highest and best.
Join Mohammad on the third Wednesday of each month to be part of this intensive meditation from 9 PM till 10:30 PM at the House of Well Being in the Himalayan Salt Room.
Energy exchange: 25$
For more information and to confirm your presence, please contact our Facebook page or kindly call 71290072.
Love & Light



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