Little Monsters Halloween Party


Saturday, 28 and Sunday, 29 October 2017
Zaitunay Bay
The Event

JouéClub Liban Little Monsters are calling the kids for a -not so scary- Fun Halloween Party at the "Yacht Club Gallery" - Zaitunay Bay

Monsters are out : 28 and 29 October 2017 from 10:00 till 8:00

What happens when three funny little monsters decide to visit Beirut to collect screams ?
We can only guarantee lots of Laughter, Clumsiness and Happiness !

Who is not invited to the party ?
. Wicked witches
. Scary ghosts
. Bad vampires
. Greedy monsters
and anyone who prefers a scary scream over a happy laughter !
Age Group = 2 – 9 years old

The Kids will enjoy:
. Runway Halloween costume show
. Photo-booth and personalized photo – session
. Make your own monster
. Cook the Pumpkin Cake
. Re-looking corner
. Carnival games
. Jumping Area
. Funny Witch story telling
. Stage Show with the Little Monsters
. Fun Plus One parade ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, My little Pony, Peppa Pig, Pink Panther )
. Trick or treat

The stage shows are scheduled at :
. 11:00 am
. 1:00 pm
. 3:00 pm
. 5:00 pm

Tickets available at JouéClub Liban all branches.

For every Ticket purchase, you get a 15% DISCOUNT on your costume from JouéClub Liban

Saturday 28 October at 3:00 pm
Sunday 29 October at 1:00 pm

The entertainment language used for the other sessions is French.

** Perfect arrival time is 1 hour earlier than the stage show **

You may drop your kids at the Yacht Club Gallery with 1 adult, and enjoy the coffee shops and restaurants at Zaitunay Bay.

Ticket Prices:
25$ per Kid
10$ per Adult
30$ for 1 Kid & 1 Adult

See all your Little Monsters very soon

To Book your session call us on 70158466



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